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Mastering your Invisalign Business by Dr Sandeep Kumar gives you the opportunity to build your own multi-million pound Invisalign business. A one day, fully immersive education experience that will give you the tools to independent practice growth with the Invisalign system, whatever your goal may be. Whether you’re an Invisalign Full or a Go provider, Bronze tier or Diamond, this experience puts the groundwork in place to fast-track your growth.

Dr Sandeep will take you through the four non-negotiable strategic pillars that underpin the MiSmile Network and MiSmile Birmingham, and guide you on how to implement these in your own practice with a step-by-step action plan.

We are now accepting applications for our FREE experiences.

There are just 14 seats available on each experience, which will be awarded to the most ambitious Invisalign providers that apply, so be sure to get your application in fast!*

Apply for your FREE seat worth £895*

"Mastering your Invisalign Business experience is a unique opportunity for doctors to discover new strategies and tactics they can use to help them drive their Invisalign businesses forward and boost profitability."

Dan Gallagher, Align Technology General Manager GP Channel - UK & Ireland

Why join the Mastering your
Invisalign Business experience?

  • Discover how to build a £1m+ Invisalign business Build your real-life experience based, step-by-step action plan
  • FREE for a limited time For the most ambitious Invisalign providers only - usually £895*
  • Delivered directly by Dr. Sandeep Kumar The Invisalign master behind the MiSmile Network
  • Small, intimate group Only 14 seats available for each experience
  • Expert and peer to peer discussion With interactive workshops and breakout sessions
  • CPD verifiable Earn 9 hours of verified CPD
  • Venues across the UK Experiences in Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland
  • One day, immersive session Including 2-hour live patient journey demo

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Apply for your FREE seat worth £895*

What you’ll learn

How to build the four pillars that underpin a multi-million pound Invisalign business.


The secret formula - the right people, in the right place, with the right motivation.

Systems & technology

Building successful systems and processes, and embracing the digital workflow.

Patient journey

How to create and implement the perfect patient journey.


Driving new patient enquiries from the inside out, to create the greatest ROI.

Discover my secrets to building a
multi-million pound Invisalign business Applications now open

Birmingham | Manchester | Scotland

Apply for your FREE seat worth £895*

Future events will be at full price of £895.

Suitable for

Practice owners Practice principals Associates


Tea & Coffee
Tea & Coffee
CPD Certificate
CPD Certificate

Birmingham New Street
2 min walk

Running from 8am – 6pm
Only 14 seats available per experience
FREE for a limited time only – future experiences £895 per delegate

Birmingham | Manchester | Scotland

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Our mission statement

Traditional courses look something like this…

A teacher lectures on a core subject. You get inspired, go back to your clinic, then get caught up with your day-to-day routine and what you learnt goes on the back burner.

This is the learning formula we’re accustomed to. It might work in some cases. You may still remember a little about the last course you went to and what you implemented in your practice.

But effective communication, empathy, decision-making, gaining buy-in, and critical thinking are truly learned through witnessing them. Through live action demonstrations, by watching someone who has done this many times over, you are not only inspired, but have truly absorbed what you need to put your learnings into practice.

This is what we do at the Mastering your Invisalign Business experience. You are able to witness an expert in action, and we practice the skills you’ll need to make an impact. To become a better leader, better communicator, and a better marketer.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. For you and for everyone around you.

Join us. It’s time.

From India to Invisalign

Dr Sandeep Kumar, the behind-the-scenes leader of MiSmile, is stepping forward to reveal how you can build your million-pound Invisalign business in this never-been-shared-before, exclusive experience.

Originally from India, Dr Sandeep came to the UK in 1999 and qualified with the GDC in 2000. On the lookout for his next opportunity and recognising the huge business potential Invisalign could bring, he bought his first practice and built it into the UK’s first Invisalign-only clinic – MiSmile Birmingham. Now, MiSmile Birmingham is just one of Sandeep’s million-pound practices.

Sandeep will share the secrets, successes, and learnings he has amassed over his exceptionally successful 20 year career, and provide you with the inspiration and encouragement to drive real results in your business.